Dante Gabriel Rossetti. His Family Letters, with a Memoir

William Michael Rossetti

General Description

Date: 1895
Genre: biography

Scholarly Commentary


Three full-length biographical treatments of DGR appeared before this Memoir by WMR, all by friends: these are T. Hall Caine's Recollections of Dante Gabriel Rossetti (1882), William Sharp's Dante Gabriel Rossetti: A Record and A Study (1882), and Joseph Knight's Life of Dante Gabriel Rossetti (1887). WMR's biography is by far the most important and comprehensive of the early life studies. Like the others, it treats various personal matters in discreet terms, but it remains an invaluable resource because of the intimate relation that always existed between the Rossetti brothers. While later biographical works have added important details and information, they do not supplant, but supplement, this work by DGR's brother, who was his closest friend.

The work was published in two volumes. The biography, here called a Memoir, comprises volume one; volume two contains a selection from DGR's correspondence along with WMR's running commentary on the letters.

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