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Document Title: Dante Gabriel Rossetti and Jane Morris: Their Correspondence
Author: John Bryson and Janet Camp Troxell
Date of publication: 1976
Publisher: Clarendon Press
Printer: BAS Printers, Limited, Wallop, Hampshire
Edition: 1976

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Dante Gabriel Rossetti and Jane Morris

Their Correspondence

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No Image Available Janey—posed by Rossetti in his garden at 16 Cheyne Walk
Figure: Jane Morris seated in a wicker chair. Her body is angled toward the camera, with her head in near-profile facing right. The chair faces right. Her right fist and wrist rest atop the chairback, which she grips with her left hand.
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Their Correspondence

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Thursday [July 1878]

My dear Janey,
I am sending you the 2 autotypes. At some moment you can let me have them again for framing. I hope you will be able to send me just one line to say how you are.
Your affectionate

I copy overpage a label which is to be printed and put on the Silence— 1
Silence holds in on hand a branch of peach, the symbol used by the ancients; its fruit being held to resemble the human heart and its leaf the human tongue. With the other hand she draws together the veil encircling the shrine in which she sits.
Transcribed Note (page 71):

1 Crayon drawing, 1870, a favourite of Rossetti. Sold without his knowledge during his illness and absence in Scotland in 1872 to Aldam Heaton. Bought back and sold to Charles Rowley of Manchester in 1876 (S.214). Now in Brooklyn Museum, N.Y.

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