Goblin Market (various designs)

Dante Gabriel Rossetti

General Description

Date: 1861


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Scholarly Commentary


As soon as Macmillan agreed to publish Goblin Market and other poems , in August 1861, DGR promised two drawings to illustrate his sister's famous book (see Fredeman, Correspondence, 61.66 ). He worked on the illustrations in November and finished them around 16 December (see Fredeman, Correspondence, 61.100 ). These are the drawings done for the title page and for the book's frontispiece.

Only the drawing for the title page is known to be extant. However, Birmingham has a sketch of this drawing, on the verso of which is a sketch of the dormouse appearing in the frontispiece. C.J. Faulkner completed the engraving of the latter and W.J. Linton executed the title page. In 1865, in preparation for the second edition of the book, DGR made revisions to the title page design. He employed Kate Faulkner as the engraver for this work.

The initials MMF&Co. at the lower left of the frontispiece show that the engraving work was done at “The Firm”, which had been founded in April. Though not known to be extant, DGR must have made another design to illustrate the poem—in this case a design for a stained glass panel made for the home of Miles Birkett Foster, in Whitley, Surrey. The panel was manufactured through The Firm, along with another panel of stained glass for the Foster home, The Well of Love, also designed by DGR. The latter illustrates The Romance of the Rose .

Production History

CR's book of verse was first published in early April 1862 in a dark blue cloth binding, shortly after an issue in a smooth red cloth binding (with earlier advertisements). Copies of the latter are very rare.

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