Dante Gabriel Rossetti

General Description

Date: 1863


◦ Marillier, DGR: An Illustrated Memorial, 131.

◦ Sharp, DGR: A Record and a Study, 270-271.

◦ Surtees, A Catalogue Raisonné, vol. 1, 93 (no. 167).

Scholarly Commentary


This untraced watercolour is described by Sharp: “Mr. J. Mitchell has a highly-finished water-colour painted about 1863, regarding which the artist wrote:—‘The drawing of Brimfull had its origin from my seeing a lady stoop to sip from a very full wine-glass before lifting it to her lips. The reflection in the glass is intended for that of a gentleman dining with her, who would be seated on the front side of the table unseen in the picture’” (Sharp, 270-271). DGR is referring to a reflection of a man in the mirror behind the woman.

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