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Monna Rosa

This collection contains 11 Rossetti Archive files.


  1. Masterpieces of D. G. Rossetti (1828-1882): Sixty Reproductions of Photographs from the Original Oil-paintings1923
  2. The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood1905
  3. Dante Gabriel Rossetti1905
  4. The Journal of Pre-Raphaelite and Aesthetic Studies Special Issue: A Rossetti Cabinet: A Portfolio of Drawings by Dante Gabriel Rossetti1991
  5. Dante Gabriel Rossetti, An Illustrated Memorial of His Art and Life1899



  1. Monna Rosa, study

    1867 (circa) pen and ink

  2. Monna Rosa

    1867 1867 oil on panel

  3. Monna Rosa

    1867 1867 watercolour

  4. Monna Rosa [print]

    1862-1904 (circa) Glossy purple, charcoal grey and cream photograph, mounted on cream board

  5. Monna Rosa [print]

    1862-1904 (circa) Charcoal grey print, mounted on cream board

  6. Portrait of Mrs. Frederick Leyland Study for Monna Rosa

    1867 May May '67 red chalk on paper