A Vision of Fiammetta

Dante Gabriel Rossetti


Physical Description

Medium: oil
Dimensions: 36 x 55 in.
Signature: DGR
Date on Image: 1878
Note: The signature and date are inscribed at lower left.

Production Description

Production Date: 1878
Exhibition History: Royal Institute, Manchester, 1882; R.A., 1883 (no.304); Huddersfield 1883 (no.296); Manchester, Royal Jubilee Exhibition , 1887 (no.703); Guildhall 1897 (no.143); New Gallery 1897 (no.67); R.A., 1901 (no.53); R.A., Pre-Raphaelites and Other Masters, 2003
Model: Maria Spartali Stillman


Current Location: Collection of Lord Andrew Lloyd-Webber
Archival History: W.A. Turner; Christie's sale April 28, 1928 (lot 117); Charles Butler; By descent to his grandson, Patrick Butler; Knight Frank & Rutley sale November 11, 1956 (lot 78); Christie's sale April 2, 1965 (lot 49); Mr. and Mrs. David Rust

Scholarly Commentary


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A Vision of Fiammetta
Description: “Fiammetta. . .wears a flame-coloured dress in allusion to her name. Her figure stands glowing against a dark background: a vision of the brief moment between life and death. The short-lived apple blossom signifies the transience of beauty: Fiammetta stands entwined in the branches of an apple tree surrounded by emblems of the departing soul a shower of falling red and white blossom, a blood-red bird (the messanger of death), butterflies (symbols of the soul), and an angel in the aureole around her head” (Julian Treuherz, “Dante Gabriel Rossetti,” Pre-Raphaelites and Other Masters, Royal Academy Exhibition 2003, 31).

Included Text

  • Behold Fiammetta, shown in Vision here.
  • Gloom–girt 'mid Spring–flushed apple–growth she stands;
  • And as she sways the branches with her hands,
  • Along her arm the sundered bloom falls sheer,
  • In separate petals shed, each like a tear;
  • While from the quivering bough the bird expands
  • His wings. And lo! thy spirit understands
  • Life shaken and shower'd and flown, and Death drawn near.
  • All stirs with change. Her garments beat the air:
  • The angel circling round her aureole
  • Shimmers in flight against the tree's grey bole:
  • While she, with reassuring eyes most fair,
  • A presage and a promise stands; as 'twere
  • On Death's dark storm the rainbow of the Soul.
Note: The frame of the painting is inscribed with three texts: the sonnet by Boccaccio “On his Last Sight of Fiammetta” that inspired the painting, DGR's translation of that sonnet, and DGR's original sonnet composition that explicitly doubles the picture.


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