Ruth Herbert

Dante Gabriel Rossetti

1859 October

Physical Description

Medium: pencil
Dimensions: 8 1/8 x 10 3/8 in.
Signature: monogram
Date on Image: Oct. 1859
Note: Monogram and date located at right.

Production Description

Production Date: 1859 October
Model: Louisa Ruth Herbert Crabbe


Current Location: Glasgow Art Gallery and Museum
Catalog Number: 22-20
Archival History: Ruth Herbert; bequeathed to her son, Major A.B. Crabbe, 1921; bought by Croal Thomson from Christie's sale, February 17, 1922 (as part of lot 18 or 19); sold in June 1922 to Glasgow Art Gallery and Museum

Scholarly Commentary


Surtees offers the following description of this drawing: “From the upper left corner a hand with fore-finger extended points downwards towards the head”; “At the tip of the pointing finger is inscribed the word ‘STUNNER’.” This “fore-finger” and the related inscription appear faintly drawn in relation to the portrait (see Surtees, vol. 1, 168-169).


Ruth Herbert
Copyright: ©Glasgow Art Gallery and Museum

Included Text

Note: Inscribed at the tip of the pointing finger.
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