Jane Morris standing, in marquee [2]

Dante Gabriel Rossetti and John Parsons

1865 June

Physical Description

Medium: photography
Technique: collodion print
Dimensions: 28.5 x 21 cm

Production Description

Production Date: 1865 June
Exhibition History: R.A., 1973. Pre-Raphaelite Photography, A British Council Exhibition, 1983.


Current Location: Victoria and Albert Museum
Catalog Number: 823/42

Scholarly Commentary


This pose is closely related to another pose in which Mrs. Morris is outdoors under a marquee and against a white backgroup, with her hands clasped at her midriff. In this pose her body is turned to the left but her face is turned directly at the camera. As in the related pose, this exists in two printed states, this modern print showing the whole of the original negative's compositional structure, and the print originally made in 1865, which is cropped closer.

The Victoria and Albert Museum has two other prints of this picture. Both are modern prints, versions of this. One of these is a black and white print, the other is a sepia print. These are not included in the Gordon Bottomly album of prints.


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Jane Morris standing, in marquee [2]
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