Two Lovers Embracing

Dante Gabriel Rossetti

1850-54 (circa)

Physical Description

Medium: pen and ink and watercolour
Note: Drawn on the back of an unidentified letter.

Production Description

Production Date: 1850-54 (circa)


Current Location: unknown

Scholarly Commentary


This image is described by Thomas Sulman in his essay “A Memorable Art Class”: “One day Rossetti scribbled in ink on the back of a letter a motive for a picture, two lovers embracing in a turret of a castle wall. The subject pleased him and he blotted in a scheme of colour. Both figures wore red. The wall against which they stood was red also. Red also was the woman's hair. The fields beyond were vivid green and the sky blue... He painted it later on, but never so well as in the rude, letter-paper sketch.“ It is possibly an early sketch for Saint George and the Princess Sabra .


  • Sulman, “A Memorable Art Class”, 550.
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