The Wedding of St. George and the Princess Sabra [print]

Dante Gabriel Rossetti

1870-1913 (circa)

Physical Description

Medium: photoprint (color) mounted on cream construction paper matte
Dimensions: Print: 23.5 x 23.5 cm.; Board (paper): 40.6 x 30.6 cm.
Note: Color print mounted on cream construction paper matte; opens like a card with a (left) framing panel; picture is mounted on inside right panel. Pencil lines along and extending from the edges of the overlay frame on verso. A beige rectangle is pasted to the bottom right of the verso of the right panel (image mounted on recto). Brown bordering divides the rectangle into thirds. Writing, including the signature of Hollyer, appears in the rectangle.

Production Description

Production Date: 1870-1913 (circa)
Note: from a photograph by Hollyer


Current Location: Delaware Art Museum

Scholarly Commentary


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The Wedding of St. George and the Princess Sabra [print]
Copyright: ©Delaware Art Museum, Samuel and Mary R. Bancroft Collection

Included Text

Water color painted in 1857, and exhibited in

1858 at Liverpool Academy. Owned by George Rae.

St. George appeared in Syria just in time to rescue

Princess Sabra, daughter of the King of Syria, from

being sacrificed to the dragon. St. George is rest-

ling from having slain the dragon, while the Princess,

now wholly his, leans on his breast, cutting off a long

dark lock of hair to bind upon his helmet.

One of Rossetti's early water colors beautifully ex-

ecuted. The dragon's head in the box, the wealth of

detail and pattern of the design, and the rich, golden

coloring are striking.
Note: This is the black ink text of a white square of paper stapled to the verso of the right panel, bottom right edge.
Colour Print by Fredk. Hollyer

9 Pembroke Square, Kensington, W.
Note: This is the text of a rectangular box pasted to bottom right of right panel verso. Brown bordering divides the rectangle into thirds. The top third contains the above text in brown type.
The Marriage of St. George

D.G. Rossetti.
Note: This is the text in cursive ink contained in the middle third of the rectangular box on verso.
Manuscript Addition: St. George
Editorial Description: Cursive pencil notation across top of overlay verso.
Manuscript Addition: 97
Editorial Description: Pencil notation at top right corner of right panel verso.
Manuscript Addition: No. 2 Fred k Hollyer
Editorial Description: Signature of Hollyer and 2 in black ink. No. is rendered in brown type.
Electronic Archive Edition: 1
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