Hamlet and Ophelia

Dante Gabriel Rossetti


Physical Description

Medium: pen and brown wash over pencil
Dimensions: 258 x 181 mm
Other production information determined from the object: In the lower right corner, DGR wrote ‘D.G. Rossetti to’ (possibly S. Solomon).
Note: Rossetti also wrote the title of the work in ink in lower right corner.

Production Description

Production Date: 1854?


Current Location: British Museum
Catalog Number: 1974-4-6-11
Archival History: Simeon Solomon? Henry Holiday. Sold by Messrs Jolly at an anonymous sale in Bath on March 4, 1974 (lot 175). Bought by Agnew for the Museum.

Scholarly Commentary


This is an early drawing of a subject that kept a strong hold on DGR's imagination. It is most closely related to another early drawing at Birmingham, which was a study for the highly finished pen and ink drawing housed, like this sketch, in the British Museum. In 1866 DGR executed a watercolour that approaches the subject in the same general way as the finished British Museum drawing.


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Hamlet and Ophelia
Copyright: ©Licensed by the Trustees of the British Museum


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