Two Poems by F. G. Stephens

F. G. Stephens

General Description

Date: 1849


◦ Fredeman, Pre-Raphaelitism. A Bibliocritical Study, 148-149

◦ Stephens, Dante Gabriel Rossetti

Scholarly Commentary


Though one of the founding members of the PRB, Stephens was not known to have composed any verse. He has a small body of paintings but his work was largely as an art critic. Though not a distinguished critic, he was a significant contemporary presence, particular with his reviews of DGR's work.

These two early poems are significant for underscoring the strength of DGR's influence on the founding group of the PRB. That Stephens should have tried his hand at writing verse is surprising. Like his art criticism, the poems are competent and undistinguished.

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