Madonna vostra altera canoscenza

Meo Abbracciavacca

General Description

Date: 1290?
Rhyme: abcabcdeefdggf
Meter: hendecasyllabics and setenarii
Genre: canzone


“Table of Poets” in Early Italian Poets vol. 1, xxviii.

◦ Contini, Poeti de duecento vol. 1, 337.

Scholarly Commentary


Bartolomeo Abbracciavacca, born in Pistoia, was dead by 1313. His father was a well-known banker and the family was Ghibelline. He was in correspondence with poets influenced by Fra Guittone d'Arezzo and was an admirer of Pannuccio dal Bagno.

DGR's source was either the text in Poeti del primo secolo (II. 5-7) or in the Raccolta di rime antiche toscane (I. 449-451). It was probably the former of these editions.

See DGR's translation for further commentary.

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