Mrs. William Morris

Dante Gabriel Rossetti


Physical Description

Medium: oil
Dimensions: 43 1/2 x 35 1/2 in.
Signature: D.G. Rossetti
Date on Image: AD 1868
Note: Signature and date at the top of the canvas.

Production Description

Production Date: 1868
Exhibition History: B.F.A.C., 1883 (no. 53); Tate, 1911
Model: Jane Burden Morris


Current Location: The Society of Antiquaries, Kelmscott Manor
Archival History: Jane Morris; May Morris; Briefly in collection of Oxford University then reverted to the present owners in 1926

Scholarly Commentary


The picture forms a double work with DGR's sonnet The Portrait.

Production History

The painting was begun in mid 1866 but not completed until the summer of 1868. It is closely related to Mariana (Surtees 213), and it forms a double work with DGR's sonnet The Portrait.


Mrs. William Morris
Copyright: ©Kelmscott Manor, Oxfordshire

Included Text

Jane Morris AD 1868 D. G. Rossetti, pinxit. Conjuge clara poeta et praeclarissima vultu, Denique pictura clara sit illa mea.
Note: The inscription runs across the top of the canvas; the Latin translates: “Famous for her husband, a poet, and most famous for her face; so let this picture of mine add to her fame.”


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