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Mrs. William Morris

This collection contains 8 Rossetti Archive files.


  1. Dante Gabriele Rossetti con 107 Illustrazioni1906
  2. Masterpieces of D. G. Rossetti (1828-1882): Sixty Reproductions of Photographs from the Original Oil-paintings1923
  3. Dante Gabriel Rossetti1905



  1. Mrs. William Morris

    1868 AD 1868 oil

  2. Mrs. William Morris

    1868 1868 crayon

  3. Mrs. William Morris [print]

    1868-1913 (circa) Charcoal grey and beige print, mounted on beige board

  4. Mrs. William Morris [print]

    1870-1913 (circa) 1868 Charcoal/brown and cream print, not mounted

  5. Mrs. William Morris [print]

    1855-1913 (circa) Charcoal/brown and cream print, mounted on beige board