Sir Galahad at the Ruined Chapel

Dante Gabriel Rossetti

1859 (circa)

Physical Description

Medium: electrotype of Dalziel woodcut
Dimensions: unknown

Production Description

Production Date: 1859 (circa)


Current Location: Lilly Library, Indiana University

Scholarly Commentary


DGR's markup is written on the proof. The text runs across the top, down the right margin, across the bottom, and is connected from the bottom to the left margin by a line.


Included Text

The nose is long & wants droop in the point of it. Cut away as marked

above the further eyelids eyebrow and within the point of the

nose. Cut away also, as marked, above the other eyebrow,

which at present is too much Thus [sketch] but should go thus [sketch] more

also round the eye more but
Note: “but” is overwritten with “by”
by a slight touch beneath the iris which

is too straight.

Cut away

something of

the two hash

lines against

the eye,


little more

than a dot

under the

lower eyelid

as marked.

Cut away

entirely in

the forehead

where marked,

and in the

hair, and

soften the

tone of the

cheek, also

marking the

cheek bone

more as


The mouth

needs some

further care. Continue the light along the thi ? half
Note: not certain of “half”

of the upper lip as marked, & clear as marked

the line between it & the slight moustache, which

should be very faint as I have now made it, removing a touch at its end.
Note: Line crossed out.

Note: Line crossed out.
The drawing of the chin needs

to express more the turn of the head. For this purpose,

cut slightly away outside its point, & clear away where

it joins the shadow beneath the under lip.

The eye needs

a dot of

light in

it & the


eyelid a

light to

mark it.

Cut away

within the

two first


of the lifted

hand, &

within the


of the


on the

other hand.


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    Marillier, DGR: An Illustrated Memorial , 78.
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