The Broadway Annual

George Routledge & Sons (publisher)

Production Description

Document Title: The Broadway Annual
Volume: 1 (original series)
Printer: Harrild
Publisher: George Routledge & Sons
Date of publication: 1867-1868
City of publication: London and New York


Current Location: University of Iowa Library
Catalog Number: AP4 .B9 v.1 1867/68

Physical Description

Columns: 2


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  • Rossetti, William Michael, comp. Rossetti Papers 1862-1870. New York: Scribner's, 1903.

Scholarly Commentary

Guest Editor: Paul Fyfe


This is a bound copy of the first twelve monthly issues of The Broadway Annual . The original wrappers were not included. The sixth issue (February 1868) includes the poem “ Mrs. Holmes Grey” by William Michael Rossetti.

Production History

Ives points out that periodicals published internationally frequently show variations in textual and physical characteristics based on where they were published. Contents likewise varied “both to accommodate copyright restrictions and to serve the interests of a different readership” (71). Partly because the major periodical indexes do not record differences between American and British copies and partly because of the rarity of copies, these potential variations are difficult to ascertain (94).

Printing History

Although The Broadway Annual lists its places of publication as London and New York, Ives has pointed out that no records exist to confirm an American printing (90). According to the publisher's records, print runs of individual issues of The Broadway Annual show significant variation: 90,000 for the first issue declining to 20,000 for the twelfth. It is unclear how the issues of this copy were aggregated and bound.


This transcription includes a full-page illustration by Arthur Boyd Houghton opposite the beginning of WMR's poem.

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