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Michael Scott's Wooing (For a Drawing)

This collection contains 18 Rossetti Archive files.


  1. Small Notebook 4 (British Library)1879-1880
  2. Michael Scott's Wooing (For a Picture)1876 January 4
  3. Notebook Pages (Note Book IV, Duke Library)1871, 1880
  4. Poems and Sonnets (Fitzwilliam Museum bound volume of miscellaneous poems)1848-1881



  1. The Collected Works of Dante Gabriel Rossetti, vol. 1 (1886)1886
  2. The Collected Works of Dante Gabriel Rossetti, vol. 1 (1886)1886
  3. Dante Gabriel Rossetti, An Illustrated Memorial of His Art and Life1899
  4. The Works of Dante Gabriel Rossetti (1911)1911
  5. The Works of Dante Gabriel Rossetti (1911)1911



  1. Michael Scott's Wooing; study

    1871 (circa) pencil on lined note paper with undated watermark, torn from notebook

  2. Michael Scott's Mistress

    1865 (circa) pen and ink on handmade lined paper with undated watermark

  3. Michael Scott's Wooing (red chalk drawing)

    1870-71 (circa) red chalk

  4. Michael Scott's Wooing

    1853? pen and brown and black ink

  5. Michael Scott's Wooing

    1869 (circa) pencil

  6. Michael Scott's Wooing

    1869 1869 red and black chalk on buff paper

  7. Michael Scott's Wooing

    1867 (never executed) 1867 commissioned as a watercolour

  8. Michael Scott's Wooing

    1871 commissioned as oil

  9. Michael Scott's Wooing